Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your DayIncorporating Mindfulness

In today’s blog we’re going to share with you how to incorporate mindfulness into your day and the benefits of practicing mindfulness on a daily basis.  To begin let’s have a look at who can benefit from incorporating mindfulness.

Do you work countless hours a week in an office setting striving to reach deadlines while juggling multiple projects?  Do you run your own company that keeps you occupied and constantly managing your employees and business?  Are you a stay at home parent who works relentlessly to give your family the very best?  Are you a student aiming for academic success in hopes to one day pursuing your dreams?  If you answered yes to one or several of these scenarios then you would benefit from incorporating mindfulness into your day!

What is Mindfulness?

If you’re new to the idea of mindfulness you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is mindfulness?”  While there are many forms and depths to mindfulness we’re going to explain the simplest form.  At it’s base mindfulness is just the art of taking time to be aware of where you are as well as time to practice gratitude for what you have or be aware of others around you.  If you want to try to incorporate mindfulness into your day here are a few steps to get you started.

Pause.  The first step is to simply pause – this can be for two minutes or half an hour really the time is completely up to you.  Breath.  Once you’ve taken a moment to pause begin to breath – slow, even and intentional breaths.  After you’ve taken the time to pause and breathe clear your mind of all your burdens and anything that may be causing you to feel pressure and stress.  Instead think about what you have to be grateful for – your job, your home, your friends or family.  You may even begin to think about ways you can positively influences others around you or how you can positively improve a situation in your life.  Once your time is done smile and carry on with your day.

You’re Ready to Begin!

When practiced regularly mindfulness has been known to dramatically reduce stress.  In addition it can help you manage stressful situations and it can help you look positively at circumstances.  We hope that this post has been insightful on how to incorporate mindfulness into your day.  We also hope that by giving you a simple out line you’ll be able to begin your own practice and experience the benefits of mindfulness in your everyday life.  Shilajit is known to help promote mindfulness – to learn more go here.