Shilajit Enthusiast Shares Disturbing Truth

Behind 90% of Shilajit Capsules Online…

This DEAD simple (but stinky) test reveals the highest quality shilajit capsules on the market!


The top selling shilajit capsule brands are tested here…skip to the end if you just want to know the results. Only a select few have real shilajit in them. Read below to discover what little known supplement will add up to 5X the potency of your shilajit capsules when taken together – this is what the highest performers in the world are quietly doing to maximize shilajit capsule benefits!

five different brands of shilajit capsules online
lots of different shilajit capsule bottles
So many shilajit capsule brands to choose from!

You already know shilajit works – but are capsules effective?

Hi, I’m long time shilajit enthusiast. I’ve taken it regularly for the better part of the last two decades, and I’ve tried it in every form (solid, resin, powder, liquid, and capsule) and taken dozens and dozens of different brands. You could say I’m obsessed with shilajit – and thats because it works for me.

The most effective shilajit is, without a doubt, the resin.

Potent shilajit resin is better than capsules
Shilajit resin is a sticky mess, but its potent!

However, the easiest (and my favorite) way to take shilajit is by capsule. And because its so easy to take this way, I’d say its actually MORE effective than the resin.

How is that possible? Well, I have a busy life and a family. I don’t always have time to deal with dissolving the resin in warm water – so I find that by taking shilajit in capsule form I am able to take it more consistently, thus leading to an overall better effect!

How are there so many shilajit capsule brands?

There are dozens and dozens. Let’s quickly talk about how this is not even possible.

Shilajit is a rare sludge that is harvested from the highest mountain tops. Its incredibly dangerous to harvest it, and there are only a few places in the world that it can actually be found.

There are only a handful of shilajit suppliers in the entire world!

I have not been able to wrap my brain around how its possible that the high amounts of shilajit that is advertised on these capsule bottles could possible be sustained.

And because these supplements are not regulated, it is easy to assume that that there is not real shilajit in most of these products!

But I LOVE shilajit (remember?) so I committed myself to finding a brand that is potent and pure!

The shilajit capsule problem…

My first questions was: Is there a way to find the highest concentration of shilajit in a capsule?

And my second question: How can absorption and effectiveness of the capsule be maximized?

I bought a few brands to try, I studied their ingredients and even downloaded their purity and testing documents.

purity test of shilajit ingredient listing of shilajit capsule products

But without committing to taking them for several weeks at a time, how was I to REALLY know what was in there? And I calculated that to take every brand of shilajit for just 2 weeks each, it would take me over a year before I knew the right answer!

I may as well give up now!

The easy shilajit capsule test…

Then by total freak accident…

I stumbled across this [very boring] molecular analysis of extracting shilajit:

Process for Preparing Purified Shilajit

Its long and complex,

but after a few hours of pouring over it on a Saturday night when I had nothing better to do…

…I discovered something that should have been obvious to me before:

A pure shilajit powder will transform back into resin when heated!

And as it turns out, most cheap “filler” materials that are used in capsules,

…will burn up.

So all I had to do, was heat the contents of my shilajit capsules,

and whether it turned into a thick resin, or burnt to a crisp would prove if it was pure shilajit or not!

And that is what I did.

It turned out that the results were not always this black and white,

some of the capsules would produce varying amount of resin/burning.

So I decided to rate each shilajit capsule brand based on several factors:

Resin Quality, Smell, Taste (yes, I tasted each one), and Color.

Below are the results of my experiment,

or you can try it at home for yourself!

(if you do try it at home, keep in mind that it REALLY stinks. It took several 

weeks before the ashy campfire smell was worn away from my home. It still lingers a little bit,

however I don’t notice it as much as my guests)

shilajit experiment results
(rated on a scale of 0-10)

The clear winner: Peak Shilajit

Tattva’s Herbs Shilajit takes a close second,

although the resin was not quite as consistent as with Peak.

There are many benefits to taking shilajit, and its different for everyone.

Why I take shilajit (peak shilajit brand specifically):

  • Helps boost my general day-to-day energy levels
  • Definitely boosts my sexual energy levels (its like night/day)
  • Helps me fight low mood (especially during the winter time)
  • Works wonders for my immune system – I rarely EVER get sick anymore even though my kids bring home a dozen different viruses from school each year
  • I swear that it helps my bones/muscles, when I stop taking it I feel more achey/sore and when I start taking it again it goes away.

Here is the link to buy Peak Shilajit,

I don’t know exactly how big their supply is but I have a feeling it is highly limited.

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