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We have compiled a list of the TOP RATED shilajit brands that confirmed they ship to Canada & have the fastest/cheapest shipping costs:

(We organized the list by the form of shilajit you are buying, because most people have specific type they like best)

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Premium Shilajit

Peak Shilajit

Solid (Hard):
Pure Ladahki Shilajit

Liquid (Hard to find!!)
Shilajit Super Tonic

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What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a relatively underrated holistic medication, at least among Western consumers. Primarily used in the East as a part of Ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit originates from an organic mineral pitch. This pitch forms from terrain within the Himalayas and many other mountainous places across the world.

As a medication, it’s typically made into a powder that may range from reds to browns and even white in tint. The darkest brown Shilajit Canada powders usually harbor the most potency and, naturally, are prized for their innate medicinal properties.

What it Does: Shilajit Canada

Shilajit is considered the ‘most powerful root’ of Ayurvedic medicine for a reason. When this medication is consumed in its pure form, it possesses ‘powerful’ properties that can improve the condition of the body.

It’s best known for fortifying or strengthening the immune system, in addition to fortifying the muscles and cells of the body. It’s also best used as an anti-oxidant for the body, since it’s known to harbor purifying properties. Besides that, many people use Shilajit Canada as an anti-allergen and even anti-asthmatic medication.

While most people typically take Shilajit Canada in capsule form (one capsule per meal), Shilajit is best used as a pure powder. The medication can be taken in many doses, though the most potent dosage is two teaspoons per day. To take Shilajit in powder form, most people mix it into water, tea, juice or even smoothies. Some even mix it into desserts!

Usage/Benefits: Shilajit Canada

As the most important medicine used in medicinal Ayurvedic treatments, Shilajit is naturally used in many different treatments for a wide variety of conditions. The active minerals, vitamins and substances within this essential dietary supplement make it valuable for that very reason.

To provide an example, Shilajit is said to help reinforce the bone’s strength, protecting them from conditions like osteoporosis. It also harbors properties that can help it act as an adaptogen, which can help the body prevent itself from succumbing to stress.

Interestingly enough, Shilajit is used to treat specific conditions in some cases. While research data is rather limited on that front, there’s enough information out there that forms a sufficient enough case for its use.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, to provide one example, might be able to be treated with shilajit. Studies conducted a few years ago found that Shilajit “may influence certain processes within the body that actively produce energy.” It was also found to help treat anxiety and protect against stress. Scroll up to see our shilajit Canada recommendations.

Shilajit might also play a role in relieving symptoms from Alzheimer’s disease. The fulvic acid present within Shilajit is said to influence memory by ‘helping block the build up of tau proteins,’ otherwise known as the protein that fosters neurofibrillary tangles within the brain.

Despite the potential to remedy many different types of diseases, Shilajit is still relatively unsupported in the medical science community. However, it remains an essential and extremely popular holistic supplement.

Shilajit Canada is commonly found in capsule form, as a supplement, though the medication is at its most potent in solid or resin form. As a nutritional supplement, shilajit is effective for those who want an alternative to modern medicine.