Learn the Basics of Aligning Your ChiWhat is Chi and how can you align it to improve your life?  Today we’re going to take a look at Chi and help you learn the basics of aligning your Chi.  If you’re looking for a new way to refresh the energy in your home aligning your Chi may be just what you’re looking for!  Let’s begin by answering the first question, “What is Chi?”

Chi – Flow of the Universe

Chi can be described as an energy force.  In truth Chi goes further than just how furniture is arranged.  It is around and in everything in the universe which is why it is often called Universal energy or flow of the universe.  This energy flows and circulates in us and around us – which is why it’s important to cultivate good Chi.  Good Chi is good energy in every form and everything our senses can sense.  You may be familiar with good Chi from the art of feng shui.  Because it is a flow of energy good Chi can be channeled.  It’s important to understand what makes the energy good in any space.

Chi Basics

When you’re assessing your home and the good Chi it helps to imagine Chi as water.  Imagine a current of water flowing through your front door and into your home.  Consider where does the flow go – where does it pool – where does it grow stagnant?  Is there anything that would obstruct or hinder the flow?  Or is your home just a straight channel causing the Chi to flow straight through causing bad Chi?  Because Chi is a refreshing energy it needs curves and places to pool and swirl while not growing stagnant.

Learn the Basics of Aligning Your Chi

Now that you know what Chi is and how to assess how it flows you can begin aligning your chi.  To learn more about how you can use colors to align your chi check out this page.  Having your chi aligned can increase the harmony in your home.  And a harmonious home is a happy home – which can help you live a healthy life.