What Kind of Shilajit Benefits Should I Expect?

shilajit benefits article
Shilajit Before Processing

One of the more potent and powerful all-natural solutions in all of India (and quickly becoming very popular around the globe), Shilajit is a very powerful supplement that you should consider taking to enjoy tremendous health and well-being benefits. However, before jumping into it and buying the first product you see, let’s go over the benefits of shilajit. You want to make sure that the use of shilajit will have a positive impact on your life, because it doesn’t always work for everyone.

What are the proven benefits of Shilajit?

Shilajit benefits are far and wide, and vary on a case-by-case basis. Some people claim that shilajit health benefits including the curing of altitude sickness, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Though these results are not proven nor have they been scientifically studied. Even though the use of shilajit might provide all kinds of other benefits, we will only discuss here the benefits that have been thoroughly studied and proven. No need to pass on the hype!

Shilajit Uses – Benefits of Shilajit Include (But Are Not Limited To):


pain suppresant

Pain Suppressant

This medicine has the amazing ability to suppress pain even as you begin to experience it, which relieves stress and allows you to live much more pain-free.

arthritis relief


An all-natural cure to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other inflammation that gathers at the joints in the human body.

muscle calmer

Calms Muscle Spasms

This medicine has the amazing ability to calm down and even keel muscular pain, spasms, or other issues causing you pain and problems and stress.

depression fighter

Fights Depression

This product boosts feelings of euphoria and eliminates depression, mental stress, and mental fatigue so common in our daily lives.

digestion aid


Clears up feelings of pain, indigestion, and constipation (or other issues in your digestive track) and other common digestion issues causing pain.

immune system boost

Strengthens Immune System

This medicine strengthens the immune system via fluvial acid, and amino acid, helping protect you against sickness so you can enjoy a healthier life.

There are many shilajit uses for everyone. Obviously, you will need to know just a bit more about it before you decide purchase and use it on a regular basis. Hopefully this bonus quick guide to Shilajit below will give you an idea about Shilajit benefits you will expect, who should be using it, and any side effects that you must know of. Let’s dive right in!

How to Purchase Quality Product & Shilajit Uses

If you’d like to compare shilajit uses and products side-by-side, skip below.


It can be difficult to know how to use shilajit. While not exactly the most attractive thing in the world (Shilajit is soft, slimy, and a bit heavy), it’s effects have been proven over literally hundreds and hundreds of years. Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? What kind of appearance should you be looking for? The appearance depends on the form that its in, so here is a quick reference:

shilajit resin product
Example of a quality shilajit in resin form. It holds its shape like clay.

Resin: Shilajit resin should resemble tar. It should be extremely thick and sticky. Keep in mind that a resin is firmer than a paste. A resin slightly resembles clay in that it can hold its shape. If you have purchased a resin product that has a pasty texture (similar to a think hair styling paste), it has been mixed with water and therefore is diluted! Avoid shilajit paste products if possible. It may seem like you are getting more for your money, but in reality you will have to take a much higher daily dosage because of the dilution.

The resin will have a very strong smell if fresh and potent. It smells woody like a campfire. The highest quality shilajit has such a strong smell, it will leave its aroma in the room you store it in!

Examples of a high quality resin include Premium Shilajit and Authentic Shilajit.
Examples of a paste include Purblack and Oriveda.
Example of a solid (rare) include Pure Ladahki Shilajit.

Capsule: Shilajit capsules are difficult to assess their quality by appearance alone. This is because fillers are added, which cannot be seen, due to their capsulized form.

Powder: Shilajit powder can be tricky, for the same reasons the capsule form is difficult to assess. These forms often include fillers which aren’t easy to spot based on appearance.


Here is a good guideline for what you should expect to pay for a high quality shilajit product. Keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t always equal higher quality, because many products are diluted, but they still charge a premium price.

Resin: The purest, best, potent form for the use of shilajit is resin – and as you might imagine, its also the most expensive. However, you get what you pay for, and resin tends to yield the best, most noticeable shilajit benefits.

Resin is usually priced between $3-$6/gram. Be forewarned that genuine shilajit resin is extremely rare, and if priced below $4/gram you can be assured that it has been diluted. Resins are usually diluted with water to make them heavier so you think you are getting more for your money. Stick with a higher quality shilajit resin to get the purest shilajit available, but never pay more than $7+/gram, otherwise you will be overpaying.

Capsules: Coming Soon!

Powder: Coming Soon!

Shelf Life

Benefits of Shilajit - it has a long shelf life
Shilajit has a long shelf life.

The shelf life of shilajit varies, based on the form in which you purchase it.  In general, capsule, tablet, or powder form will last a very long time (many months, perhaps years). There are many shilajit uses (such as putting it in tea or other beverages), so using it in a solid form shouldn’t be a problem.

However – IF buying this product as a resin (which is the best, most potent and powerful shilajit available) be warned. This type of shilajit dries out easily and becomes tougher to measure the correct dosage. It also becomes more difficult to dissolve in water in order to consume. Optimal freshness you once saw when first opening the tin will dissipate after 45-60 days.

For this reason, it is recommended to only buy enough  resin at one time to last you a month, maybe a two months max. Don’t buy more than that because the shilajit will dry out and lose potency.

Dosage/Shelf Life Quick Guide

How to use shilajit
A typical dosage of thick shilajit resin.

Resin: 10 grams is more than enough to last an entire month. We recommend buying 10 grams at a time unless you plan on separating the shilajit and storing it properly.

Pasty Shilajit: If buying a pasty shilajit, plan on dosing about twice as much as you normally would with a resin.

Capsules: Capsules are not the recommended form, because many providers fill the capsules with useless powder. Shelf life in capsule form can range anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

Powder: Much like capsulized shilajit, this product in powder form can be full of additives, useless powders, and fillers. It has a shorter life than capsules, about 1 year.

Compare Shilajit Products Side By Side

Warning: Please be aware of bias comparisons conducted by those being compensated by shilajit companies or those receiving free product in exchange for their endorsement.

Note: The owner of this website is not affiliated with any of the shilajit products mentioned below and does not receive compensation for product sales of any kind. The endorsements on this website are based on hobby and general interest alone. No A+ scores were awarded, simply because no resin product currently has the highest quality resin, best purifying process, and excellent lab test scores.

Premium Shilajit Authentic Shilajit Pure Shilajit PURblack Shilajit Pure Ladakhi Shilajit Oriveda Shialjit
This is the best product available online. It arrives stored in a tin which will keep your shilajit fresh longer. This is the best solid form available, so buy it up when available for purchase. The most widely available/popular  resin out there. However, popularity doesn’t always equal highest quality. Shilajit is hard to harvest and impossible to purify quickly at low temperatures. Because the company is processing so much shilajit at any given time, the quality is likely to drop. This source makes an amazing product, but its only available at certain times of the year. You have to be checking their website frequently and buy it as soon as you see it available! This provider offers an okay product for those low on cash. Its heavily diluted with water to create the “pasty texture” which takes away from the shilajit health benefits for you to experience. But if you are low in cash and want to start out with shilajit, PURblack is a good option. This company’s product is for the experienced shilajit user. Its a semi-solid, so its tougher to dose out. However, this brand has the lowest daily required dosage because it’s so pure and potent. This source provides a product that has not yet been lab tested, so is currently not recommended for consumption at this time.

In Summary

Premium Shilajit and Pure Shilajit are the top picks based on quality and value. For the experienced user who wants a “fresh, mountain-like, spiritual” experience, try Pure Ladahki Shilajit.

Who Benefits Most From Using Shilajit?

So many different kinds of people can take advantage of the shilajit health benefits, including:

  • People who experience frequent aches/pains
  • Men and women want extra help managing their diabetes (NOT a cure for diabetes, but can help in some cases)
  • Those who are elderly and want to keep their brain in tip-top shape
  • People who need an extra boost to focus on tasks
  • Men who are struggling with fertility and sperm quality
  • Men and women who often get sick and need an immune system boost

Are there any side effects that I should be aware of before using Shilajit?

Thanks to its 100% all natural makeup, you’re not going to have to worry about any major bad effects from using Shilajit. Obviously, each and every single person on this planet has different and unique biochemistry, so it’s important that you speak with a medical professional before you begin supplementing with Shilajit – but they should be able to give you the “green light” with no real issues whatsoever. You can enjoy many more shilajit benefits than side effects! For more info on safety, possible dangers, and side effects of shilajit, see this article.