Aromatherapy: how to incorporate it into your dayAs the seasons begin to change in North America it’s common for people to spend more time indoors.  Because keeping windows and doors shut during the colder months is typical it’s no wonder the air can grow stagnant.  So what can you do?   In today’s post we’re going to share with you about aromatherapy: how to incorporate it into your day.  We’re going to share with you three easy ways to enjoy aromatherapy on a daily basis and keep the air fresh.

Aromatherapy: How to Incorporate It Into Your Day

While there are countless ways to access aromatherapy we’re just going to share with you our favorite methods.  Not only are they popular but they are easy to use!  Let’s begin.

  • Diffuse

In our day and age we have access to advancements that can make life easier for example you can buy electronic diffusers.  This makes enjoying aromatherapy at home simple.  All you need is a diffuser, water and an aroma therapeutic oil.  With just a few drops of oil in the water reservoir and the push of a button you’re ready to relax.

  • Topical

Another way to utilize the healing benefits of aromatherapy is to apply an oil topically.  Now it’s very important that before you apply any oil to your skin you 1) Read the product label/warnings 2) Consult your doctor first.  Just like our bodies are very different from one another oils and oil companies are very different.  It’s important to take precautions and make sure you will not have any adverse reactions to a topical application.

  • Take It With You

While diffusing and apply oils are common methods for enjoying your favorite oils at home this next trick lets you take it with you!  Simply take an all natural cotton ball and apply several drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil.  Once applied take the cotton ball and insert it carefully into your car’s air vents for aromatherapy on the go!  This can also be done with air ducts at an office or a place of business.  The possibilities are endless!

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