The Benefits of Turmeric: A Closer Look

With more and more people leaning toward natural remedies it’s no wonder turmeric is all the rage these days!  Why is that?  In today’s post we’re going discuss the benefits of turmeric and take a closer look.  We are also going to look at a couple of common ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine!  Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the benefits of turmeric.

The Benefits of Turmeric: A Closer Look

When most people first hear about turmeric their first questions is, “What is it supposed to be?”  The answer is simple.  Turmeric is a plant from the Ginger family that is native to the Indian subcontinent of Southeast Asia.  When most people refer to turmeric they are referring to the ground variety.  Dried and crushed into a fine powder it is commonly used in curries and a variety of other foods.  So what makes turmeric so special?  This simple root has been a part of Ayurveda medicine for centuries.  And has been revered for its healing abilities.  Modern research has proved that it provides the following benefits.

  • Boosts Immune System
  • Powerful Anti-Inflammatory
  • Head to Toe Health Benefits (including brain, joint and gut health)

How to Incorporate Turmeric Into Your Day

While there are countless ways to incorporate turmeric into your daily regimen we’re going to share with you our favorite two!

1. Supplement

If you’re the kind of person who lives life on the go then a quick and easy supplement may be for you!  You can find turmeric supplements at most health food stores.  These vitamins are quick and easy to take, the store well, and are perfect if you’re looking for a specific dosage of turmeric.

2. Golden Milk

Let’s say you have a little extra time built into your daily routine.  If that is the case we recommend trying golden milk.  This beautiful and delicious drink is not only soothing but it provides you will all the health benefits of this powerful spice.  Here is our favorite golden milk recipe – Easy Vegan Golden Milk by Minimalist Baker.