Learn the benefits of yoga for the body and the mindYoga can benefit both your mind and your body. It build strength, while allowing your mind to rest and destress. I became interested in yoga while studying Ayurvedic medicine and shilajit. Traditional methods of healing are intertwined with yoga, which I found intriguing. Why exactly would a form of exercise be so beneficial for both the mind and body?

Yoga is Physical and Mental

There are many types of yoga, but whatever type you practice, it is both physical and mental. The physical aspect is impressive – some of the poses people perform are incredibly difficult and physically taxing. The mental aspect is also a big part of yoga – the calming of the mind is essential. Interestingly enough, the mental calmness that is practices also has physical benefits; stress wears on people more than they realize, and the “de-stressing” the yoga provides can help heal many maladies. Let’s look at the core components of yoga to determine its benefit:


Breathing exercises are an essential part of any form of yoga. Breath signifies a person’s vital energy. The controlling of your breath signals that you are controlling your body, and quieting your mind.


In addition to breathing, yoga is all about different postures, opposes. These are designed to increase your stamina, strength, and your flexibility. Some of the poses are easy (such as lying on the floor to be completely relaxed), while others are very difficult (such as the “crane pose,” which requires that you do a handstand while balancing your knees on your elbows). Practicing these poses will increase your strength dramatically, while also helping you to be more flexible.

Benefits of Yoga and a Good Diet

The benefits of practicing yoga, taking good minerals and vitamins, and eating a healthy diet are incalculable. Yoga will help reduce your stress levels, make you physically stronger, and more in control of your mind and body. When paired with supplements and substances like shilajit (that provide a big source of minerals and vitamins, and have virtually no side effects), and a healthy diet, you are well on your way towards a better, healthier life!