The No Sugar Diet - is It for You?
Sugar is the cause of many health issues. Could it be wise to cut it from your diet?

I’m always researching health and wellness news, and learning about anti-aging secrets. I recently came across an article I found very intriguing; a woman and her family went completely off sugar for an entire year. And, when I say that she didn’t eat sugar, I mean she cut many things from their diet. Many items we buy at the store have sugar in them – things you wouldn’t expect to be loaded with sugar, such as: Sausage, mayonnaise, bread, and baby food. The article I read intrigued me – what effect does sugar have on our lives and our health? Is cutting it out completely and going on a no sugar diet a good idea for our health? I decided to research, and came up with some interesting conclusions.

Sugar Contributes to Health Problems

We all know it, but actually seeing the data is eye-opening. According to Medical News Today, added sugars in our diets may increase the risk of blood pressure. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that high sugar intake can increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. And, we all know that added sugars can contribute to obesity rates and other health problems.

Is it Healthy to Eliminate Sugar?

In my research, I came to realize that sugar can be part of a healthy diet. But, it has to be the right kind of sugar. For example, fruit, dairy products, nuts, and other healthy foods all contain sugar. It is the added sugar, such as highly refined and processed sugars, that are harmful to our health. Medical News Today’s study concluded that long-term consumption of artificial sweeteners lead to many health issues.

Results of the No Sugar Diet

According to the woman who eliminated sugar from her diet for a year, it was extremely beneficial for she and her family’s health. As the year ticked by, the family’s health improved. They were sick less, and had more energy. Here children missed less school, and when flu season came around, the family were far less susceptible to catch the bug. Obviously, cutting sugar is a big step that can take some time and focus to implement. But, for those who suffer from exhaustion, an autoimmune disease, diabetes, or another illness, cutting sugar may be the best thing you’ve ever done. And, when you add in excellent vitamins and minerals, as well as a daily dose of shilajit, your life is sure to improve.