Over the years, my interest in all things shilajit has increased. After all, it is an extremely unique substance with incredible abilities. There are so many fascinating facets to this strange resin. One of the most intriguing things is its unusual mythology. I found the following information extremely fascinating and thought I’d share what I’ve learned.

Shilajit is a fascinating substance with a rich history.

Tales of a King

The mythology of shilajit through time

Our story begins with a king – King Chandra Varma of India. In his younger years, he enjoyed the vigor and strength of his youth by waging wars, protecting his kingdom of Northern India, and governing the land and people. For 50 years, he lived a healthy, happy life. The time had come for him to settle down and enjoy his vast riches and overwhelming power. However, like the rest of us in modern society, he found his health was not as great – he didn’t have the youthful energy he once took for granted. Seeking to gain back his youthful spirit and strength, King Chandra Varma went deep into the Himalayan mountains to pray to most important Hindu gods – Lord Shiva. This god was impressed by the king, and granted him a gift: a substance he took from his own body. When King Chandra Varma took this substance (shilajit), he found his youthful vigor was restored. In fact, it was so restored that many consider he is immortal. The king is an important figure in India.  In fact, Buddha is considered to be a direct descendant of this great king.


There is much interest and dreaming about a place called “Shangri-La” – a peaceful, beautiful valley full of mystery that is depicted in the book by James Hilton (the “Lost Horizon,” printed in 1933). In his depiction, Hilton says the valley is located in a valley at the foot of Himalayan mountains. In this paradise, people live far beyond the life span of normal humans. They do this through the use of a powerful elixir, which Hilton says is a substance that heals and provides youth. In his book, Hilton never mentions shilajit specifically, but it’s not hard to imagine that the elixir and shilajit are the same substance.

Modern Discoveries

According to more modern mentions of shilajit, an explorer named Sir Martin Edward Stanley was hiking in the upper Himalayas when he noticed something strange. The monkeys in most of India were well-aged and bald by the time they reached 10 years old. Sir Martin’s sharp eyes spotted the monkeys high in the mountains: Most of them showed minimal signs of aging. By watching them very carefully, Sir Martin saw the monkeys regularly ate a black substance from the ground near the foot of the rocks in the Himalayas. By talking with the locals, Sir Martin discovered it was called “silajitu,” and that they knew who to purify it for human consumption.

Shilajit: An Intriguing Substance Full of Power

Regardless of your belief in the above mythology, it is plain to see that shilajit is an extremely ancient substance that is full of power. Today, many people have realized the full potential of shilajit benefits and the improvement it can provide for daily life, energy, and health. I hope to learn more about this incredible substance. Check back as I continue my journey of discovery!