Health Benefits of GingerOn this site, I often discuss the latest trends in the health industry. In many cases, the latest trends are just a resurgence of people using ancient healing techniques. One of these ancient techniques that is making a comeback is the use of ginger. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at the health benefits of ginger, and how it can improve your life.

What is Ginger?

Before we look at the health benefits of ginger, we need to look at what it is. Originating in China, ginger is flowering plant belonging to the Zingiberaceae family (turmeric and cardomon are also members of the same family). While ginger is a flowering plant the roots are what is used medicinally. Ginger can be used in many different forms – ground, powdered, as an oil, and raw.

The Health Benefits of Ginger

There are many health benefits related to the use of ginger. And, it doesn’t just have a good impact on health – it’s delicious! Many people use ginger in their cooking.

Used to Treat Nausea

One of the most common uses of ginger is to treat nausea. This includes nausea from illnesses, or from a pregnancy and morning sickness. It calms and slows upset GI tracts, providing relief naturally.

Used as an Anti-Inflammatory

Much like shilajit, ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory. In one study, people suffering from osteoarthritis took ginger extract, and required less pain medication and experienced less pain.

Used to Prevent Stroke

Ginger has an anti-clotting ability, which makes it a perfect way to protect yourself against heart attacks or a stroke.

Used as an Anti-Bacterial

In a 2011 study, researchers found that ginger was more effective at enhancing immune function that conventional antibiotics!

The Health Benefits of Ginger: Start Taking it Today

Ginger has many health benefits. And, using it has no major side effects (some have reported mild side effects, such as heartburn, and general discomfort), making it a great solution to nausea, soothe osteoarthritis pain, prevent stroke, and as an antibacterial.